The Wellness Community of Greater St. Louis
A community of people fighting cancer...focusing on quality of life
September 19, 1996

8739 B Rankin
Brentwood, Mo. 63144

Dear Rick, Donna, Mel, Bradley and Mike:

    On behalf of The Wellness Community, let me say thanks for the wonderful workshop you presented to our participants on September 7. Although the turnout was small, those in attendance, (including myself), clearly benefited from and enjoyed immensely your exuberance, compassion and wonderful musical talents. As we support people in their fight for recovery from cancer, we constantly seek new ways to reduce the harmful of stress, to uplift the spirit, and to enhance the work of our bodies’ immune systems. Your drumming and caring provided us with two hours of Joia-full fun and learning.

Thanks again for your warmth and generosity. We look forward to future percussive collaborations.

John Eschen

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