100 Selma Avenue
St. Louis, MO. 63119

Dear Eric,

    I want to formally thank you for bringing the JOIA/Unity Through Percussion workshop to our Webster Groves High School Colleague group. The quality of the instruction and the comfortable nature of the delivery was well received and greatly appreciated by our staff.
    Having been a participant, I can see how this type of workshop would be an excellent activity on the first teacher workshop day of a new school year, perhaps as an opening activity or directly after lunch. Not only would it serve to refocus the group, but also to get them moving. In addition, at the beginning of a new school year, teachers are looking for new ways to solve old problems. I was surprised to walk away from the JOIA workshop with ideas on how I, myself, could try some of the techniques in my own classroom to help cultivate a cooperative learning climate.
    This past year one of my classes had a very unusual mix of personalities. Periodically all teachers face this problem, where clashes between the students can be a true deterrent to learning. Having participated in the JOIA workshop, I could see how I could use the "rock" group activity within such a class to break down some social barriers, encourage tolerance of others and create a more equal environment conducive to learning.
    In closing, I would like to include comments I received from some of the participants:

"Pleasantly surprised at the effect ..... that something as simple as clicking two rocks together could be so satisfying".

"I saw it as a great equalizer. It breaks down the differences between those with roles of perceived power".

"Very Energizing".

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience".

Again, my thanks.

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