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December 23, 1997

Rick Kramer
Unity Through Percussion
8769 Brentwood Place
St. Louis, MO. 63144

Dear Rick,


    You, Mike, Donna and Bradley did a great job last weekend for our team-building weekend. Our management group from California was so impressed that they immediately applied some of your techniques at their staff meeting. I thought the rock game was especially effective in sybolizing the teamwork necessary to "keep things moving".
    The highlight of the evening was the final product - here were twelve people, who donít really play music, doing a credible job of playing SAMBA! Interestingly enough, I had a call from my neighbor, Dr. Slavin, who happened to be out walking his dog when he heard the music from the house. He thought it was a band rehearsal and wanted to come inside and listen to the next band practice.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we wish you and the rest of JOIA a wonderful holiday season.


Ken Goldman

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