Consulting LLP
January 13, 1997
Mr. Bradley E. Drury
Bradley Productions
P.O. Box 3022
St. Louis, MO. 63130

Dear Mr. Drury:

Thank you for your incredible performance at Anderson Consulting’s dinner dance on Saturday. We have had nothing but rave reviews on your wonderful drum troupe. You were just fabulous and provided the perfect vehicle for moving such a large crowd. The energy you generated and enthusiasm was certainly contagious. As a matter of fact Brad, they could hardly wait to follow you. You were truly the Pied Piper of the Fox.

Again, thank you for your personal attention to our event, you surpassed our expectations by leaps and bounds. I look forward to hearing you perform again soon!

Very truly yours,
Cheryl S. Wroth
Marketing Director

cc: Sam Foxman, Contemporary Group

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