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JOIA: World Percussion Powerpoint Presentation

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Cybernetic Contacts: for "connected" band members

Current Members:
Rick Kramer -JOIA TUBES DESIGNER   Musical Director & Person To Whom People Complain
Toni Schmidt - BOOKINGS ....Likes to Bang the Bell. Rigatoni Mozzarella!!!
Kathy Kniepmann - Wild Woman Who shakes the shaker and involves the audience (See Tom)
Bill Hamm- AKA Surdo Bill or Bill the Bull or Big Drum Bill: Brick layer by day (you fill in the blanks)
Paula Geiss - Healing Drummer or Drumming Healer, I can't tell the difference.
Paula's Home Page
Tom Snider - Marathon-running old man, Shaker DeLuxe, Mark Twain Look-a-like (See Kathy)
Mel Eberle-  
GONE SOLO!!!!----Sings the Songs---Walks the Walk---Bangs the Drums
Tara Fridhandler - Bubble gum blowing, tamborim beatin', house building, tree hugger....nice smile!
Mimi Eagleton - She's back! World travelin, Life travelin bell babe.
David Zoffness - Financial planner during the day bell banger at night.
Ray Pass - From Brooklyn, nu york. Hey, what yoo got a problem with dat?
Milko Kermekchiev - A little buggy in lab. Where's he now? China? Bulgaria?
Kathy Geiss - Teaches people to fix holes in hearts. Nice brother. Pole dancing?
Rick Brown - A guitar player in a percussion band? Say it ain't so.
Catherine Decker - Music Therapist by day....................Music Therapist by day.
Ed Reiss - Keyboard and drumset player. Works with Carol H at the DMV?

Joia Plus:
Mike Fishman  - Sultan of Samba-MG Driving-Printer by Day-Wild Man by night.  Favorite Snack? Cookie!
Carol Schlereth - Our Post Dispatch Cover Girl. She takes her shaker shaking very seriously.
Benjy Portnoy - Graduated from college took day job at creative place
Lauren Markow - Short and Sassy!  Surdo Oriented. Drives a Porsche even though cannot transport Surdo.
Jim Giles - High energy tamborim banger.....Unusual driving technique.....Team player
Michele Gmeiner - Licensed Massage Therapist, Hoofer and Shaker Player...Yes! Yes! Yes!
Michele Ries - Tattoo Lady, rub-a-dubber, Body Parts Decorator and Swim Coach.
Bill Russell - Dr. Bill the Akido Master Photographer Needle-Sticking Bone Cruncher
Sky Kingsland - Master Beater of Drums Africana, Teaches here and there and everywhere......

Patty Westcott - Virginia Twin Producer in Charge of East Coast Operations: Code Name BELEZA.
Karen Nowak -
Temporarily Assigned to Parenting....The Self-Declared Baby of the Group...Tamborim Beater!!!!!
Mimi Hubert -
aka SCREEM'N MIMI, GODDESS OF GANZA...Arts Awareness, Dancer, Youth Advisor, Empath
Rob Collins - aka " THE BEAR" Wide-Eyed college student/drummer trying to survive life in the Big City.
Judy Rosen - West County Nomad.... Helps the kids through Viva Vox arts mentoring program. Daughter is Shayna Punim.

Carol Hasson - Dancin, Shakin, talkin, lookin, smilin, Ganza player, DMV anyone?
Aaron Jacobson - Architectural designing college lad. See "Rob Collins" minus the bear.
Geoff Seipp - Photo taking computer guy. Lots of nice pictures.

Mick McLoughlin - Super Guy....One day he'll have an email address.
Chris Donaldson - Likes that Vietnamese Iced coffee. Interesting sign playing technique.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.. The more you hear, the better you can hear............. Silence.
Music is Love, Love is Truth, Truth is Freedom, Freedom is Power, Power is Music.


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